July 27th, 2017

Porcelain originated in China thousands of years ago. Porcelain tile is made is a similar process that fine white china is made, where two types of clay are combined and fired in large kilns at very high temperatures. Porcelain tile has been found as far back as the 1700’s where they were frequently used in churches and public buildings.

Porcelain tile, by its very nature, is extremely strong and durable. Fired in kilns at very high temperatures, it withstands both high heat as well as very cold temperatures and is frost resistant and sometimes frost proof.

Porcelain tiles wear very well in high traffic areas such as grocery stores, schools, and shopping malls and generally do not need to be sealed. With proper installation, porcelain tile will not crack, stain or chip. You can even install them as a wall tile. Porcelain tile is very easy to clean and maintain. It’s as simple as removing any loose dirt on the floor with a broom or a vacuum and applying warm water with either a mop or a soft cloth.

Modern porcelain tile technology creates an array of styles and patterns, with the ability to replicate precious stones or give you sleek modern looks. The choices are endless.

As you can see, porcelain tiles are low maintenance and will give you a lifetime of beauty. If you are concerned about a porcelain tile floor being too cold, you can always have an in-floor heating system such as Nuheat installed before your tile floor. This will provide a warm temperature to the actual floor and ambient heat to the entire room.

While porcelain tile can be a hard surface, well-placed throw rugs and cozy dog beds will help your pet feel right at home.