October 12th, 2007

In the next couple of weeks we will be bringing into stock a couple of new items. The first is Integral Slant Base (ISB) from Innovative Tile Systems. ISB is the perfect sanitary base solution for every installation. It is an extruded PVC profile, which allows you to use cut pieces of the tile you are installing to create a seamless and stylish transition from floor to wall. For more information, download the PDF brochure to see how ISB can work for you! https://www.katelotile.com/files/ISB-CompleteFiles-10122007.pdf

Also, in our line of Corian thresholds and accessories, we are bringing in three new colors: Bronze, Suede and Fawn to the 1/2″x36″ threshold, 1/2″x72″ threshold, 1/2″x8″ shampoo shelf and 1/2″x16″ shower seat.