September 7th, 2017

Kate-Lo Tile & Stone is an importer and distributor of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and natural stone tiles such as marble, limestone, granite, and slate. We market these products through professional tile installers, floor stores, and other dealers.

As a service to builders/remodelers and tile installers, we provide showrooms for your and your clients to see the available products. We have trained consultants to assist in making the proper choices for your clients’ specific needs. Our staff quotes to your client the retail price of an item either by the square foot or by the piece. Because of the different types of materials, ‘layout’ and/or designs wanted by the client – the installer, floor store or dealer will quote the total cost of the project including labor and materials.

To assist your client it is helpful to our showroom staff to have information in our files as to who is doing the tile installation and an ‘allowance’ form. The allowance form tells what price tile materials you have included in your basic house cost. The builder/remodeler and tile installer decide on that ‘allowance’. When a client is building a custom home many times a standard allowance is not used, instead, materials are selected and then a bid is given. It is helpful for the homeowner to know the specific areas that get ceramic as well as if they need to choose ceramic accessories such as soap dishes, shampoo shelves or other accessories.

After a client has decided what materials they want and the area they want it in, the showroom staff fills out a ‘color selection’ form with the style number, size, color name, grout colors, noting any special orders. When the selection is finalized with the signature of the client, a copy is mailed or faxed to the installer and a copy is given to the client. Selection copies are sent to the builder/remodeler upon their request. The installer measures, bids and orders the job when the builder/remodeler notifies him.

Should the client find it difficult to decide, the staff will sign-out samples of possible materials to be seen in their home light for comparison to wood, carpet, vinyl or wallpaper. These samples are on loan, to be returned, and some may require a deposit based on the value and/or scarcity of the samples. Signing out a sample is not making a selection. Making a written selection is a step to ensure the client gets the correct materials ordered and installed.

In the Twin Cities area, Kate-Lo has three showrooms conveniently located for you and your clients. We also have showrooms in Des Moines, IA, and Omaha, NE. Please see our location pages for directions, phone numbers and the various hours of our showrooms.

Thank you for choosing Kate-Lo Tile & Stone. We appreciate your business.