People will go to great lengths to shop our outlet center

Sometimes deals are too good to pass up. Our tile outlet center has customers that will stop at nothing to get the best bargain. This is pretty much the ultimate example of picking up some tile on your way home. And we love it.

Our outlet center is open Monday – Saturday from 9am – 5pm. What are you waiting for?


Cornerstone by Ergon

Cornerstone by Ergon draws quarry-hewn inspiration of stones from around the world.

Cornerstone offers its own unique interpretation of the stones from around the world, based on a fresh vision and new reproduction technologies. Distinctive forms and geological rarities collected from the four corners of the planet create a stone collection with a unique identity. Clean surfaces obtained from quarry-hewn stone reveal details of astonishing variety.

With three color options including; Black, Grey and Multi, this stunning line is stocked in our Plymouth warehouse in 12×24, 1×1 mosaics and 3×24 bullnose.

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The real Wow factor

Wow is a magnificent wood-look line that speaks for itself. Upon first glance of this stunning line, the first words you will utter are undeniable….  Wow! In three spectacular colorways, from tame to bold, this series has been a favorite since we first introduced it. We were super excited when a local architecture firm decided to specify it for the walls of a commercial bathroom. Used as a wall tile, the Autumn colorway brings an exciting visual color splash in a space that is often industrial and drab.

Wow is available from Kate-Lo Tile & Stone in 6″x36″ porcelain planks in three color ways including Autumn, Winter and Summer. Let your floors (or walls!) speak for themselves.

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