January 16th, 2018

One of the trends we have seen growing the last few years is incorporating pattern on your floor to create a statement. Feature floors can range from subtle to bold, allowing your space have a quirky charm or understated elegance. From wood grain to concrete, marble to textile looks, feature floors make your space stand out in all the right ways.

Great places to incorporate feature floors are bathrooms, powder rooms, laundry rooms, and seasonal spaces. While flooring can be expensive and not easy to replace, feature floors aren’t exclusive to those who are faint-of-heart. Classic bold looks like checkerboard floors, to herringbone and chevron installations in traditional wood and terracotta replicas, to contemporary textile, concrete, and other industrial styles; the possibilities are endless.  

Plank style tiles make great herringbone shapes, some planks have a pre-mitered edge to allow for easy chevrons. Larger hexagons, with and without their own patterns can make stunning displays. Simple square tiles in contrasting colors can make checkerboards and other patterns. Let feature floors take center stage in your new or remodeled space and see where it leads your design. 

Examples of feature floors